Seldomseen Holiday Cottages
  • Seldomseen Holiday Cottages

  • Address: Nyamheni Road, Vumba, Bvumba
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Seldomseen Holiday Cottages - Zimbabwe

Twinstreams Cottage is quaint but it is our favourite and one we would recommend for newly weds. Birdwatching is best from August through to early December as this time that the migrant birds arrive and everyone is singing. The rainy season is best for ferns, orchids, mushrooms and butterflies.

Seldom seen cottages are the perfect location for those on the lookout for some peace and quiet and some fresh mountain air. A charming and comfortable getaway nestled in the beautiful Bvumba Mountain region in an area overlooking Mozambique.  

This area is rich in plant life and the valley and forest surrounding it is home to hundreds of bird species. Many of these shy creatures are elusive and can only be heard but those with some patience and a keen eye will enjoy quite the birding experience during their stay.

Seldom seen comprises of  three cottages and a lodge, the venue is suitable for small group retreats. Our cottages come with either double or single bed rooms, bath and shower and in the larger rooms comfortable lounges with fireplace. Witchwood lodge comes with a kitchen as well. 

For activities on site, birding is the major feature because there are 2 resident experts who conduct guided bird walks. A birding information sheet is available on request; guests can choose to go early in the morning or later in the day at 3pm. Many rare varieties have been spotted in the area such as the orange thrush, Square Tailed Drongo, Swynnerton's Robin and the Collared Sunbird.

For those who are willing to explore the area there are many sights to see including the Vumba Botanical Gardens, Nyamheni for mountain climbing, The Leopard Rock Hotel for Golfing or a fun evening at the hotel casino or some fine dining at Inn on the Vumba. 


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Crimson Tide Cottage Lounge/dining Room

Crimson Tide Cottage Double Bedroom

Crimson Tide Cottage Kitchen

Crimson Tide Cottage View

Crimson Tide Cottage Single Bedroom

Crimson Tide Cottage Kitchen 1

Swynnerton Cottage Double Room

Swynnerton Cottage Kitchen

Twin Streams Cottage Double Bedroom

Twin Streams Cottage View

Twin Streams Lounge/dining Room

Witchwood Cottage Lounge/dining Room

Witchwood Cottage Dining Room

Witchwood Cottage

Witchwood Cottage Twin Bed Room

Witchwood Cottage Twin Room

Witchwood Cottage Twin Room 1

Witchwood Cottage Lounge

Witchwood Cottage Kitchen

Witchwood Cottage Single Room

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